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 Taco.  Cactus.  Poverty.  Welfare.  Sombrero.  Mules.  
 Lots of children.  Chicken.  Farmers.  Tequilla.  Migrant 
 workers.  Illegal aliens.  Chips-n-dip.  Pollution.  Ponchos.  
 Limited variety of food.  Markets.  Gangs.  Cameros. Feild
 Workers  All of these terms are commonly used to stereotype
 Hispanic Americans.  This page was constructed to demolish 
 the negative views that some people have against this group 
 of Americans.

Hispanic Pages

Hispanic Culture
The art, entertainment and beliefs of Hispanic Americans
Hispanic History
How Hispanic Americans came to America
Hispanic Literature
The writings of famous Hispanic American Authors
Hispanic Food
The ethnic food of Hispanic Americans and how to make it


The makers of this informative webpage
are highschool students at Ashley Hall.
The purpose of this page is to demolish 
the common stereotypes of different cultures.
Obviously, Hispanic Americans are not the 
only groups to be discriminated against.
Asian Americans, Native Americans
and African Americans are all being 
researched in our class in order to educate
others about them.

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